Why with Us?

Why With Happy Feet Mountaineers
Happy Feet provides experienced Sherpa guides who are fluent in English and local tribal languages, have a deep knowledge of the geography and culture of their area and are trained in first aid procedures and mountain safety.

The tents used by Happy Feet are three-person North Face V25 domed tents, with plenty of space for two people sharing plus gear (for all its camping treks in Nepal and Tibet), Two-person Ozark domed tents (for each expedition member at BC and ABC) and three-person Mountain Hardware domed tents above ABC for two people sharing (for all mountaineering teams in Nepal and Tibet). All BC and ABC dining facilities are heated and carpeted for homey comfort at high mountain bases.

Each of our trekking groups will have a satellite phone with enough balance for emergencies or for personal use. Personal calls will cost $4 per minute, while sending and receiving SMS messages will cost $3 per message.

Each of our trekking teams hiking above 4,000 metres will have a Gamow bag, oxygen with mask regulator and a first aid medical box containing high altitude medicines. You are requested to bring any medicine you need to use regularly.

Each of our treks will have its own mobile kitchen under a very experienced cook. Breakfast, lunch and supper are prepared fresh and hot, supplemented with a range of chocolate bars, biscuits, juice and nuts.  

All our services are no less complete than those offered by Western company. Happy Feet Mountaineers Pvt. Ltd. is the company, who provides service with complete safety and financial protection.

Happy Feet Mountaineers & Happy Feet Travels Pvt. Ltd are specialists in the incoming tour to Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan and handles all types of travels into Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan, for FIT’s and groups.

Happy Feet Mountaineers & Happy Feet Travels Pvt. Ltd. Make every reasonable efforts to ensure that clients receive the agreed services including the announced standard of transportation, guides and hotels. In no case will Happy Feet Mountaineers & Happy Feet Travels Pvt. Ltd. reduce the quantity, quality or duration of the services. When any agreed service is lacking or deficient, the company will replace it by another of the same category in the minimum possible time, or to refund to clients an amount proportionally equivalent to the unused services.

We assure that all itineraries and activities described by Happy Feet Mountaineers & Happy Feet Travels Pvt. Ltd. have been prepared in good faith but may have to be altered in some rare cases, due to weather, political restrictions, airline schedule changes, transport delays or some other unforeseen circumstance. In such cases the company will provide a fair refund for any unused services and will also assist in arranging alternative transport, accommodations or any other travel services requested by clients and partner agencies abroad...