Who is Who

Ngima Sherpa (known as Ngima)
Chairman and Marketing Director of Happy Feet Mountaineers Pvt. Ltd. and
Happy Feet Travel Pvt. Ltd. Responsible for all corresponding, business
meetings and marketing.

Ngima Dendi Sherpa (Known as Dendi)
Managing Director and responsible for all staff management, group meeting
on arrival and departure, communicating with groups while they are on trek or
in mountaineering expeditions

Dawa Gyalzen Gole Sherpa (Known as Dawa)

Manager: responsible for administering, store controlling and trekking and
mountaineering permits.

Lhakpa Rangdu Sherpa
International Mountain Guide and Happy Feet Expedition Manager:
responsible for all mountaineering and peak climbing programs.

Phurba Sarki Sherpa (Known as Serki): Head Cook and responsible for organizing,
ordering food; making sure all ordered foods are fresh, dated and placed safely and
taking care of food hygiene, for all group members for trek and mountaineering
expeditions. He is also an experienced Trekking guide and he has achieved the
summit of Mount Everest.

Kipa Sherpa

Trekking guide and Mountaineering climbing guide both for Nepal and Tibet.

Nima Tenji Sherpa
Mountaineering climbing Sherpa both for Nepal and Tibet

Ang Doma Sherpa (Known as Doma)
Trekking Guide: mainly leads woman groups in the areas of Annapurna,
Everest, Mustang and Dolpo regions.

Pasang Kaji Sherpa

Trekking and mountaineering Guide

Karma Gyalzen Sherpa (Known as Karma)

Trekking and mountaineering cook

Pasang Sherpa (Known as Pasang Tikpe)

Trekking and mountaineering cook.