About Happy Feet Mountaineers

Happy Feet Mountaineers Is an agency experienced in organizing travel, trekking and  mountaineering expeditions in Nepal.

Happy Feet Mountaineers Pvt. Ltd. and Happy Feet Travel Pvt. Ltd. are sister companies registered under and licensed by the Nepalese government and are members of several reputed travel and mountaineering organizations.

We are an entirely Sherpa owned company and almost all our staff and guides are Sherpas who are experts in their fields and experienced in handling clients’ individual needs. Our team is experienced, easygoing, enthusiastic, understanding and always ready to help.

Happy Feet Mountaineers specializes in organizing mountaineering expeditions to any open mountain peaks of Nepal and Tibet. We have highly experienced and hardworking Sherpa guides and top-quality mountaineering and camping equipment. We procure all necessary mountaineering and trekking permits for Nepal and Tibet.

In order to maintain the quality and specialized services we organize cultural tours, soft adventures, hikes and other travel activities through our travel company, “Happy Feet Travel”. Our travel company specializes in operating tailor-made private and small group holidays in the Himalayan countries of Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, and India.

Happy Feet Mountaineers and Happy Feet Travel are managed by travel professionals with over 20 years experience and a highly experienced and expert staff and guides. We are capable of organizing mountaineering and travel services efficiently and effectively. Whether you are an experienced traveler or traveling for the first time abroad, we will save you time, money and hassle.