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Information for Trekkers
Most importantly, all travellers travelling in Nepal are kindly requested to bear in mind that Nepal being a mountainous country some villages are extremely remote and isolated from the modern facilities. Most available facilities even in its capital city or in major towns are not of a compare to Western and European country. The facilities for tourists are being upgraded from every level and there are quality services in all major routes of trekking and tourist oriented cities. The Mugu, Rara, Dolpo, Mustang, Nar-Phu, Manaslu, Gorkha, Rolwaling, Peekye, Makalu, Kanchenjunga, and all trekking regions of Tibet and Bhutan are not for luxury hotel expecting tourist. In Above mentioned regions the entire trail needs to use tented camps and all meals prepared by our own kitchen staff. All required supplies are taken from Kathmandu except some fresh vegetable and available local products.
Altitude problems

Most of the first time Travellers to Nepal and Tibet seems quite concerned on altitudes. Adventure involving fast hiking in deep mountain valleys, above 3,500m could be strenuous. But so far, most visitors have only minor effects from the altitude. However, we advise specially the guests with known heart or lungs or blood diseases to consult their doctor before travelling.

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